Anastasiia Sten

Creative Technologist  with Aesthetic✨

My aspiration is to live creatively and capture people's emotions on camera. It led me to choose the Bachelor of Digital Communications program. I help people to freeze moments or present their products in photographs. I use my camera to tell people's stories through photos, videos and design. I am passionate about creating aesthetic content. I have honed my skills in capturing moments and crafting visual narratives through my experience in creating content for various platforms. I believe that a story told well can inspire and evoke emotions, and I strive to do just that with every project I undertake.

Hard Skills



Social Media Management

Figma and Canva

Creative Writing

Adobe Creative Suite

(Lightroom, Photoshop, PremierePro, After Effects, Dreamweaver)

Soft Skills


Creative Brainstorming

Public Speaking

Time Management

Detail Oriented 

Content Strategy