For this project, I wanted to create a mobile app that will help users be more active while doing something fun. SquadMates is a Canadian mobile app designed to connect people who want to find new friends to play different kinds of sports together or even join a team. SquadMates' purpose is to encourage young adults to participate in more sports activities and promote a healthy, active lifestyle while keeping the app fun to use. I believe it is possible by providing a platform for people to meet and interact.

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B3 Lavender Studio

For this project, I designed a website for a hair salon B3 Lavender Studio. The B3 Lavender Studio concept is based on the idea of holistic beauty, which involves using natural ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the hair and scalp. Therefore, they incorporated Vitamin B3 and Lavender in the name. Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is important for maintaining healthy hair. Lavender is an essential oil that has been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties. It is believed to have a number of benefits for hair, including promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, and preventing dandruff and scalp infections.